Top 10 Reasons

This career break needs a list – Maybe a Top 10 list. I feel compelled to remember why I’m going to take this step so I don’t look back and have regrets. If I write it down now, I can come back and remember what I was thinking….make sure I didn’t make a rush decision, and realize later that I’ve really thought this out.

Here it goes:

  1. To be able to consider other career options
  2. To spend more time with my family – a few family sicknesses and we need a break
  3. To take a true break. Even on vacations we don’t take a break in this family….it’s always GO!
  4. Do something more altruistic
  5. Not work a full time schedule for a while
  6. Enjoy the lake property we own
  7. Not feel rushed to squeeze everything in
  8. Get flexible – yoga anyone?
  9. Stay in touch with friends
  10. Enjoy the outdoors more

General concerns I have:

  1. What if I get all this time, and I’m bored?
  2. What if I look back at some point and realize I just limited my options?
  3. What if I realize I had it made all the time, and I just needed a small break to recharge?

None of these are new. I’ve thought of this over the last couple years, almost to the point that I’m getting boring. I don’t want to be a broken record about the whole thing. I guess I’ve been waiting for that ONE LAST THING that told me I was going to take a break. Or that next level of my family’s savings to reach towards. Surely that ONE LAST THING would happen, and I would have clarity that all was good, the timing was perfect, and now was the time. Waiting. There isn’t going to be a perfect time.

So I’ve decided I’m going to try to put a very positive spin on my thinking. Instead of constantly thinking of all the things that will go wrong, I need to think of all the reasons this is right. I have to admit this list was influenced by my husband. Where I called out concerns, he put on the happy spin.

  1. This is not bad, it’s good
  2. I now have time to figure out the next 20 years, spending time doing what I love
  3. People won’t judge – they will want to do the same thing.
  4. I’m not limiting my choices, I’m actually opening up all possibility
  5. I now have the flexibility. Time to take it.
  6. Don’t worry about the money. We planned for this.
  7. Take the time to learn a transferable skill that builds for the future
  8. Take the time now to take care of someone in need
  9. Stop overthinking everything
  10. You’re fortunate to be where you are.

Time to get going.

1 thought on “Top 10 Reasons

  1. I did think number of times on taking a real break to focus on the next phase of my career (which includes quality family time). So, yes I very much want to do the same thing. I will one day for right reasons.

    I know of only one other person, friend of mine, who had the courage to take a break for 6 months to do something better. He is at a much better place now. So, eventually, it does work out well.


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